A dog eating from his bowlA dog eating from his bowl

Our FoodThey fuel us. What fuels them?

From kibble to treats, each Nulo recipe is filled with the right nutrients to nourish your dog or cat.

Every dog has their dish

And a healthy one at that. Whether your pup enjoys running the trail or just chasing their tail, all of our recipes ensure that your best friend gets the nutrients they need to live their best life.

bags of dry food and treats for dogs along with cans of wet food for dogs
bags of dry food and treats for cats along with cans of wet food for cats

The best fit for felines

Calling all cats (and their people). Each Nulo recipe contains healthy ingredients made with your feline’s needs in mind — from the indoor loungers to the nighttime hunters.


Which food is right for your dog or cat?

Every pet is different. Same goes for their nutritional needs. Answer a few questions to find out which Nulo recipes are the best fit for your best friend.

All in: Nulo and nutrition

It’s not just what goes into our pet food that makes us different from the rest. It’s what your pet gets out of it. Explore how our nutritious recipes set Nulo apart from the rest.