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Sara Carson and The Super Collies
Celebrity Dog Trainer

It feels like Sara Carson has been an ambassador for Nulo since the beginning. It was back in 2017, when Nulo first recognized this extraordinary young woman, with her unwavering talent and love of animals.

Born and raised in Ontario, Sara has had quite the journey from Canada to California. Today she lives in Los Angeles as one of the most celebrated trick dog trainers on the globe. She is best known as the dog trainer and avid pet parent to her five Border Collies famously dubbed, “The Super Collies”. As seen on The Late Show and America’s Got Talent, where she placed 5th on Season 12— she was then called back to perform on AGT: The Champions Season.

Sara’s well-trained pups have earned her a multitude of accolades; from dock diving, frisbee training, even canine freestyle—or Doggie Dancing. When it comes to fetching these awards, her eldest dog, “Hero” takes the steak. The Champion Trick Dog knows over 400 behaviors and holds an impressive Guinness World Record to prove it.

As the mom of five collies, a working breed, Sara knows how important proper nutrition is to give her dogs the stamina to withstand their stunt training and performances. As a collie, having a job to do makes them happy; And as The Super Collies Mom, having healthy dogs makes Sara happy.

“Sara & Hero joined us at our Yappie Hour event during this year’s South Beach Wine & Food Festival. Their performance together made the event unforgettable, and reminded us how truly special the human-animal bond can be.” - Michael Landa

When it comes to training dogs, Sara Carson has a lot of tricks up her sleeve.


Sara and her pack currently reside in LA, but travel often to captivate audiences with her training workshops and performances. Her pleasant disposition and love for her pets is genuine… AND she feeds and trains her collies with Nulo. Just thought we’d throw that out there.

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