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Keep your Pup Cool this Summer


The Gals @GalsBestFriend came up with a brilliant way to nourish your pups with Nulo Bone Broth and Freeze Dried Raw to keep them cool for the summer.


Here’s the recipe:


  1. Stabilize your silicone dog treat molds on a plate or other type of flat cookware. This will make it much easier to move the treats from your counter to your freezer.

  2. Crush the Nulo freeze-dried raw nuggets between your fingers and place one per each hole –if you’re using a larger treat mold, you may want to use more.

  3. Next, fill each mold with your Nulo bone broth.

  4. Freeze overnight or until thoroughly frozen.

  5. Serve! (Store extras in a plastic bag.)

See the original recipe and follow


You can just freeze our pouches for a one-step-treat to beat the heat.


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