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Spartan Race Chooses Nulo

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Nulo was founded in 2010 by an All-American athlete who believes that dogs and cats are entitled to better nutritional choices. As an extension of this core belief, Nulo has partnered with organizations that embody the same passion for health and nutrition, and now we are proud to continue to evolve our partnership with Spartan Race US and its founder, Joe De Sena.

127-Spartan-3107Over the past several years, you may have seen Nulo at one of the dozens of Spartan races we’ve participated in across North America. Hopefully you’ve had a chance to stop by and talk with one of our pet nutrition ambassadors and have discovered the tangible benefits of feeding Nulo to your best friend.

With a focus on species-appropriate diets designed for our dogs and cats’ inner carnivore, Nulo’s recipes are always high in animal-based protein, low in carbs and low glycemic and contain functional ingredients like human-grade probiotics to support digestive and immune health. Just as you’d focus on getting quality fuel to help you prepare for a Spartan Race, your pets are running, jumping, climbing and performing at a high level every day and they need the right food to fuel their performance too.

Spartan Canine Race

After working with the Spartan Race team for some time now, our conversations started evolving as we both tried to come up with ways to showcase our passion for fitness and our love for dogs. So this year, Nulo and Spartan teamed up to launch the first ever Spartan Canine Race held at West Point in September.219-Spartan-7280

The Spartan Canine Race was a custom race course designed by Nulo and Spartan to be completed by professional service dogs and their handlers. And these were no ordinary canine warriors - most came from military, police and search & rescue backgrounds.

Joe poster imageWe were honored to have had the opportunity to get to know several of the participants in the canine race and to hear about their stories on and off the battlefield. A number of servicemen that we befriended had returned to the U.S. with physical ailments and/or PTSD and needed help - which they found in the companionship of unconditionally-loving service canines. For these brave, specialized working dogs, the greatest joy in life comes from partnering with a veteran who needs them most. And their stories inspired us all.298-Spartan-7459

At Nulo, our mission is to be #HealthierTogether with our pets. This represents living a healthy lifestyle with our BFFs through daily exercise, a nutritious diet, and spiritual and emotional experiences. Spartan and Nulo are proud work together to promote our #HealthierTogether mission.

Also check out Spartan Race CEO and Co-Founder, Joe De Sena talk about why he chooses Nulo for his pal Marcus.